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Who we are

NAVINT designs and manufactures wide range of products and solutions that fit to the needs of the maritime sectors and civil rights. It is also offering technical support at the Yard or on board in off shore with specialist and the management of needed spare parts for each System. The own projects are developed completely according and fulfilling the National and International standards, the Government Authority Rules and the Regulations of the major Classification Register.

The main production is:

  • Watertight Doors
  • Splash / IMO Doors and Fire Doors
  • Shell and Side Doors
  • Access Equipment
  • Platforms and Ramps, Lifts / Cargo lifts and Power Control and Hydraulic Systems



Our design is based on safety and environmental sustainability, and our target is to continuously improve them. We work in collaboration with International Classification Societies and Government  Authorities, in this way our Systems comply with the National and International Rules and are always approved – certified according to the most important National and International Rules and Amendments today in force. Our wealth of experience and the constant search for innovation allows us to design  customized products of high quality standard that always satisfy the Customer needs. Work to improve the system safety, reliability, durability and maintainability with the same high efficiency and effectiveness.
The analysis and cooperation with the Yard and the Owner also allow to optimize the installation, commissioning and testing timing, and so to save money

Our organization and experience allows us:

  • To carry out sales and deliveries in all the Shipyards in the World.
  • To sell only the equipment components, also preassembled, supplied with instruction books and erection drawings.
  • To supply the equipment / system wholly installed on board, in compliance with the formula “ Turn Key System “.
  • To provide a qualified after-sales service and maintenance of the systems.
  • To supply the proper spare parts for the systems, according to the Owner needs.


Our products and systems are designed and intended for all the types of shipbuilding and also for civil / industrial constructions where it is necessary to achieve watertight closures of pipelines, tanks and locals having risk of flooding.