Our direct experience in the Naval Industry started in 1980 when, the actual owners of NAVINT began to operate as technical managers and partners in the Company “Olivari Impianti Navali”, founded in 1969. After dozens of years of qualifying activities in the Marine Industry with the supply / installation of hundreds of plants, the Company NAVINT was established in 2001 and, expanding the products and services, presents itself on the Marine Market supported by a designing - technical expertise and know-how acquired in more than thirty years of activity.


The activity begins with the design, production and installation of Lifts and Elevators specific for naval market: Passenger, Yachting, Cargo, Navy and Offshore.


The activity is improved with the design, production and installation of: Watertight Doors Systems, Watertight Hatches and Ventilation Dampers, Shell Doors, Access Equipment, Electric and Electro-Hydraulic Special Systems.


The activity is improved with the design, production and installation of Remote Control Valves Systems, Tele- Levels, installation of Heating Systems for oil tankers and installation of Winch and External Deck Equipment and supply of pickling and flushing of pipes and hydraulic systems activities.


Products development and introduction, the first in the naval market, the Electronic Control Systems of its own design with software development and video control systems intended for Watertight Doors and Safety Equipment. The Electronic Control Systems are born with careful design based on the most stringent International Marine Standards and with great attention to the safety requirements of the plants and Owner’s requirements. Then for the first time on Ships, especially on Passenger Ships, our Control Systems “Remoted Type” with “Redundant Safety Circuits” have been introduced and have been tested and approved by major International Classification Societies and Flag Governmental Authorities. The product range also extends to the design, manufacture and installation of Semi-watertight Splash IMO Doors, the first Hinged Type "Electric Power Operated" and the Sliding Fire Doors them also the first "Electric Power Operated" type.


NAVINT is born and expands the product range with the design, manufacture and supply of ever more specialized and customized products, and some of them are designed to operate in the challenging Navy and Offshore Industry. Watertight Door with Electro-Mechanical Power Operated System drive is developed complementing the traditional Electro-Hydraulic System, which is also renewed to improve its efficiency. The products, in particular for the most innovative, are designed with the aid of FEM calculations both for the structural and thermal analysis. Navint is a young and dynamic company, but with deep and solid roots. For this reason, our staff, which has accumulated of experience in over 30 years of activity, manages to meet always the Customer needs.